Written as partial fulfillment of the academic requirements to obtain
the degree of Sarjana Teknologi Pertanian Strata Satu

NPM : 03420100042




Andaliman is one of Indonesian traditional spices well known in North Sumatra. It possesses unique flavor with pleasant citrus-like aroma and a tongue-numbing trigeminal sensation. To preserve andaliman flavor and trigeminal characteristic in form of andaliman powder, application of a suitable spray drying encapsulation method is needed. Andaliman was firstly extracted by maceration using ethyl acetate: ethanol (1:1), and then the extract was subjected to spray drying. Treatments for andaliman extract spray drying were inlet temperature (135˚C, 150˚C, 165˚C), extract to carrier ratio (1:4, 1:6, 1:8), and maltodextrin to gum arabic ratio (3:2, 1:1, 2:3). The best condition for andaliman spray drying was determined through sensory evaluation, and was found to be andaliman powder produced at inlet temperature of 150˚C, with extract to carrier ratio of 1:8 and ratio of maltodextrin to gum arabic of 3:2. Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA) result shown that flavor of andaliman powder was similar to those of fresh andaliman (citrus like aroma, sour floral citrusy aroma, warm citrus aroma, sour taste, bitter taste, and tongue-numbing trigeminal sensation), but with more pronounced taste, trigeminal sensation, citrus-like and sour floral citrusy aroma. The resulting andaliman powder had yield of 23.96%, moisture content of 5.06%, water activity of 0.122, powder solubility of 37.11%, yellow color, bulk density of 0.32 g/ml, and hygroscopicity of 24.80 g moisture/ 100 g dry solids. This research demonstrated the feasibility of andaliman powder production by using spray drying encapsulation method.

Keywords : Andaliman, encapsulation, QDA, spray drying, trigeminal sensation

Full text: Thesis Report Clarissa Akyla (03420100042)


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