Written as partial fulfillment of the academic requirements to obtain
the degree of Sarjana Teknologi Pertanian Strata Satu

NPM : 03420110008


Andaliman is one of Indonesian traditional spices well known in North Sumatra with unique flavor with pleasant citrus-like aroma and a tongue-numbing trigeminal sensation. Fresh andaliman is very susceptible to deterioration. Drying was applied to fresh andaliman in order to determine the effect of form and storage temperatures within six weeks, including the initial point. Dried andaliman were divided into two forms (whole and ground) and stored into three levels of temperatures (25 °C, 35 °C and 45 °C) with vacuum packaging. Dried andaliman samples were taken out every week for carrying out antioxidant
activity assay (DPPH radical scavenging assay), moisture content, and attribute rating test to sixteen-trained panelist. Furthermore, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled with DAD detector was used to identify and quantify the active compounds (specifically α-sanshool). After storage treatments whole andaliman significantly had higher tingling sensation and lower moisture content, while ground andaliman significantly had higher antioxidant activity and α-sanshool content. Lower storage temperature significantly maintain the qualities of dried andaliman better. The moisture content and antioxidant activity of dried andaliman in vacuum packaging changed significantly on the second week and the tingling sensation had reduced significantly on the third week. According to its moisture content, whole andaliman fulfilled the SNI standard requirements of dried spices (12%) after storage treatments meanwhile ground andaliman stored in room temperature had more than 12% moisture content starting from the fourth week. Dried andaliman still possed its tingling sensation after storage treatments (77.78%).

Keywords : Andaliman, storage, attribute rating test, antioxidant activity, trigeminal sensation

Full text: THESIS REPORT Amanda INGGITA 03420110008


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